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Filipino Martial Arts (FMA)

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Filipino Martial Arts (FMA)

Filipino Martial Arts (FMA)

Led by Head Coach Belton Lubas



Weapons Instruction


60 minutes


Beginner – Expert

Filipino Martial Arts is known as a purely combative art, a bladed cultural art, and very practical for self defense. Soldiers and combatants use this art due to its practicality in the field. Widely popularized by movies such as The Bourne series and similar Hollywood movies, this art is also known as Arnis, Eskrima, or Kali. Its application from weapon to empty hand is seamless and is an art where the weapon is taught FIRST. Because of that, the martial artist has the ability to improvise to any weapon that they can hold in their hand. FMA covers edged weapons, unarmed combat, flexible weapons, impact weapons, and projectiles, and has been the prime choice for many military special operation groups.

Movement patterns, flow, self defense, and practical combat techniques will be represented in these programs. Whether you are interested in Weapon based systems, practical self defense, or love the intricate and beautiful patterns, come join us in this unique art!