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Roland Gutierrez

 Roland Gutierrez photo Roland Gutierrez
  • Black Belt - 1st degree

Meet Professor Roland Gutierrez // W.S.M.A. - BJJ Head Coach

Roland Gutierrez is a second-degree black belt under Professor Rick Lucero (The original Dirty Dozen). He is a family man and father of four. He has spent his professional life as an LEO, a Government PSD contractor, and a private/corporate protection specialist. In addition to being operational for the police, Department of State, and corporate entities through his tenure, he has also been tasked across those institutions to instruct defensive tactics programs, firearms training, emergency response,  SWAT tactics, and medical training.  Aside from using jiu-jitsu in a professional capacity, Roland's greatest accomplishment comes from helping others find their mental, emotional, and physical strengths through training jiu-jitsu. 

“Jiu Jitsu has really changed the way I learn and process the world around me. I have learned to master my emotions and live my life in a state of peace. I love teaching the art of BJJ, but really I look at the instruction as a form of learning about myself. When there are challenging days, Jiu Jitsu has helped me navigate them. In my practice I intend to facilitate an environment strong in sound morals, hard work, and good intentions where all can improve and become efficient in the art. My goal is to foster life-long students who reap the benefits of Jiu Jitsu to apply in all aspects of their lives.”  - Roland Gutierrez