Adrian Cruz

MMA Coach

Adrian Cruz is a highly accomplished wrestling coach and MMA instructor who began wrestling at the age of 5 under his grandfather’s tutelage. He had a successful junior wrestling career and transitioned to MMA as an adult, achieving remarkable professional success with Bellator. Adrian is also a dedicated coach, having trained state champions and his own sons in wrestling for the past five years.

Adrian Cruz, an accomplished MMA coach and instructor, has been steeped in wrestling since he was five years old. His grandfather, a wrestling coach for a Junior Wrestling program in California, began mentoring him at a young age. Adrian excelled in Junior Wrestling and went on to compete on the varsity wrestling team for all four years of high school.

During his wrestling career, Adrian achieved numerous accolades, including placing fifth in the New Mexico state tournament as a Junior and finishing third as a senior with a record of 35-4, defeating the previous two-time NM state champion. As an adult, Adrian seamlessly transitioned his wrestling skills to MMA, earning an 8-2 record as an amateur and a 7-2-1 record as a professional fighter for Bellator. He also earned his No-Gi brown belt under the Machado Lineage.

Adrian's passion for wrestling and MMA led him to coaching. He began teaching wrestling techniques to Jiu Jitsu and MMA enthusiasts at the gym where he trained, and eventually became a coach for junior wrestling five years ago when his son Zaiden started competing. Since then, Adrian has been an integral part of the coaching staff that won the team state championship and placed as a runner-up twice. He has coached multiple state champions and placing wrestlers, including his own sons, Zaiden and Phoenix. With his extensive experience and dedication to the sport, Adrian is an exceptional coach and mentor for any aspiring wrestler or MMA fighter.



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