Josh Rogers

Muay Thai Coach | F.M.A. Instructor

Josh is a martial arts coach who gained interest in the field from his uncle in childhood. As an adult, he pursued coaching after witnessing violence as a bouncer. He specializes in breaking down movements and teaching practicality.

From a young age, Josh was interested in martial arts because of his uncle's impressive background as a black belt in karate, a JKD instructor, and a certified instructor in Thai Boxing Association under Ajarn Chai. Unfortunately, he never got to train with his uncle due to his mother's hypochondria.

Years later, while working as a bouncer at a bar in college, the speaker witnessed a stabbing incident that made him realize the importance of knowing how to defend himself and others against weapons. He decided to start training in martial arts and has since become a coach.

Josh's coaching style is characterized by his ability to break down movement and communicate techniques effectively to his students. He finds joy in helping others learn and achieve that "aha moment" when they finally understand a technique. Additionally, he coaches as a way of giving back to Head Coach Belton, who has taught him so much about martial arts and exposed him to new opportunities in the industry.

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