Pany Hatsabouth

Muay Thai Coach

Meet Kru Pany Hatsabouth - a Muay Thai coach with a passion for martial arts that started from an early age. having tried out various arts (including Kali, BJJ & Boxing), Muay Thai was what captured her heart and has been a practicioner since 2004.

Kru Pany has been with Warrior Strength Muay Thai since 2017, teaching kids classes, adult classes, and private sessions to students of all ages and skill levels. Outside of coaching, she manages the fighter roster for Warrior Strength Muay Thai. Her personal goal is to ensure that each fighter receives the support and guidance they need to succeed in their Muay Thai journey.

Her passion is in helping others with their Muay Thai journey, whether as a fighter, coach, or martial arts enthusiast. Her dedication to continuous learning and development as a coach is evident in her travels to Thailand and Costa Rica to train and learn from various Kru's and pro fighters.