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Warrior Strength Muay Thai Presents: Luke "The Chef" Lessei

Join Warrior Strength Muay Thai once more as we host striker sensation, Luke "The Chef" Lessei. The Chef will be cooking up an assortment of instructions including everything from stylistic set-ups & tactics to fakes & feints, functional pad work, and an intensive "Fighters ONLY! Sparring Session. This seminar is open to the public with 2 chances to connect with The Chef himself.

About Luke "The Chef" Lessei

16x National Muay Thai Champion // Fighting out of Dubuque Martial Arts Group

Luke "The Chef" Lessei is a professional Muay Thai fighter hailing from Dubuque, Iowa. Born in 1996, Lessei began training in martial arts at a young age, and he quickly developed a passion for Muay Thai.

Lessei is known for his aggressive fighting style and his ability to finish fights with devastating strikes and knockouts. He has competed in a variety of competitions throughout his career, including the World Muay Thai Championships and the prestigious Triumph Muay Thai tournament.

Despite facing some tough opponents over the years, Lessei has amassed an impressive record of wins and has become one of the most respected and feared fighters in the sport. He is known for his technical skill, speed, and power, as well as his unwavering determination and work ethic.

As he continues to rise through the ranks of the Muay Thai world, Luke "The Chef" Lessei remains a force to be reckoned with, and a true inspiration to martial arts enthusiasts everywhere