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Adrian Cruz

Adrian Cruz

ADRIAN CRUZ / WRESTLING COACH Loading... My grandfather was one of the wrestling Coaches for a Junior Wrestling program in California and began coaching me when I was 5 years old. I competed in Junior Wrestling throughout my youth and placed in the majority of tournaments I competed in. I was on the varsity wrestling... LEARN MORE

Kenneth Leif

KENNETH LEIF Loading... Ken is a lifelong martial artist. Growing up, he trained in Ninjutsu and Muay Thai before connecting with Instructor Vince and the Bothell Kempo School in 2004. He then went on to open his own school and obtained the rank of First-Degree Black Belt in 2011. After this accomplishment, he was looking... LEARN MORE

Belton Lubas

BELTON LUBAS / HEAD INSTRUCTOR Loading... Belton is a Lifelong Martial Artist who represent many great lineages and systems. For Muay Thai, He is a Kru Yai (Chief Instructor) under Ajahn Suchart Siam No.1 and a Kru under the Muay Thai Naikhanomtom Association of the Sport Authority of Thailand. For FMA (Filipino Martial Arts) Guro... LEARN MORE

Danielle Arnold

Po Choi Kru Danielle Arnold Loading... Her Training Commenced in March of 2014 Went onto Thailand to train Oct 2015 Started training under Kru Yai Belton in Nov 2016 Participated in Fights since Jan 2017 PC Kru Danielle assisted with Warrior Strength Muay Thai in India Sept 2018. Since April of 2017, she has coached... LEARN MORE