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Belton Lubas


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Belton is a Lifelong Martial Artist who represent many great lineages and systems. For Muay Thai, He is a Kru Yai (Chief Instructor) under Ajahn Suchart Siam No.1 and a Kru under the Muay Thai Naikhanomtom Association of the Sport Authority of Thailand.

For FMA (Filipino Martial Arts) Guro Belton is NSI-Renegade JKD Black Belt, Worden Defense System Black Belt, West Coast Training Director for NSI under Datu Kelly Worden. He is also a Taboada Balintawak Guro/FQI Level 7, a Tuhon in Pekiti Tirsia Kali under Grand Tuhon Leo Gaje III, and a Guro in Modern Cimande. He is also the 2019 Hall of Fame Recipient at the Masters Hall of Fame for FMA.He is also a Combatives Instructor, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Coach Brown Belt, and has numerous Physical Fitness backgrounds including Z-Health (R-I-S-T- Phase) Trainer, Underground Strength Coach Level II, Kettlebell Institute Coach, NASM-CPT, MAT JS-CPT, B.S. Pre-Physical Therapy